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Military service often leads to unique experiences, and will also form a large part of a veteran’s identity for the rest of their life. Those unique experiences and that military identity can also lead to unique issues civilians often do not understand. No Duff can help.


We support veterans and their families experiencing a wide range of difficulties, both urgent and non-urgent. We support tri-service personnel (and their families) of all ages.


You don’t always need to be in a crisis to need support.


No Duff can assist with peer support for difficulties ranging from a mental health crisis to difficulty adjusting to civvy street (ie. transition from military to civilian).


We can also utilise our network to provide assistance for veterans having difficulty finding employment, and provide assistance with engaging other agencies for financial assistance or other support.


No Duff has volunteers across Australasia, many with military backgrounds who can offer help due to their understanding of the unique nature and associated challenges of service life.


No Duff also has a partnership with Overwatch Australia – a peer to peer, boots on the ground, first response organisation – to help ensure coverage across Australasia.