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No Duff Charitable Trust is governed by a Board of five Trustees. It has two full-time employees, with a core group of 10 Volunteers who support the Board and employees on a day-to-day basis. This group is colloquially known as the “G9”. The G9 comprises of a mix of men and women, with ages ranging from their mid-twenties to late-fifties, and a diverse background of service and operational experience.


The G9 are supported by approximately 450 volunteers across Australasia with a small number scattered across the world. These Volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds - all branches of service, all generations, and a wide range of ranks. There is also a mix of current and former service people. A number of civilians who have never served in the Military but have a variety of skillsets are also included in our volunteer network.


The diversity of our Volunteer’s backgrounds means we have a large pool of people to draw on to help connect people for peer-to-peer support or other assistance they may require.

Key Roles

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Pending appointment

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Aaron Wood
Chief Executive

Aaron enlisted in the NZ Army in 1990 as a Rifleman. During his 24 years of service he deployed operationally five times; to Somalia, twice to East Timor, Afghanistan and the Solomon Islands. Upon releasing from the NZDF in 2014 he worked in Papua New Guinea as a security contractor then returned to New Zealand to begin tertiary studies. He has since completed his Master’s in International Security, with his Master’s thesis focusing on transition issues.

Gary Ford
Business Manager

Gary enlisted in the NZ Army in 2002 as a Crewman with Queen Alexandra’s Mounted Rifles. He deployed to Afghanistan, and left the NZDF in 2010. He later returned to Afghanistan as a security contractor and commenced part-time study towards a Bachelor of Accountancy. Upon returning to NZ in 2013, he was an Auditor at a Chartered Accountant’s firm prior to taking up a role with No Duff in late 2018. He is currently working towards his Chartered Accountants designation, is a Trustee of his local Poppy Trust, and is also involved with his local RSA.