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No Duff Charitable Trust is governed by a Board of five Trustees. It has two full-time employees, with a core group of 10 Volunteers who support the Board and employees on a day-to-day basis. This group is colloquially known as the “G9”. The G9 comprises of a mix of men and women, with ages ranging from their mid-twenties to late-fifties, and a diverse background of service and operational experience.


The G9 are supported by approximately 450 volunteers across Australasia with a small number scattered across the world. These Volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds - all branches of service, all generations, and a wide range of ranks. There is also a mix of current and former service people. A number of civilians who have never served in the Military but have a variety of skillsets are also included in our volunteer network.


The diversity of our Volunteer’s backgrounds means we have a large pool of people to draw on to help connect people for peer-to-peer support or other assistance they may require.

Key Roles

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Pending appointment

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Aaron Wood
Chief Executive
Gary Ford
Business Manager